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Best quality and guarantee:

PHX has millions of fiber components operating reliably day in day out, we promise life time guarantee for our fiber components. PHX always take priority of its products reliability. To be reliable, to be assurable is always our goal.

PHX quality system is ISO 9001/2008 certificated and all of PHX coupler products are Telcordia 1209 /1221 and RoHS compliant.

PHX has greatly generated new opportunities and ensure an even brighter future.

Coupler Reliability Test

TELCORDIA 1209 & 1221 requirement

l 2010:Total 108 test sets performed

l 2011:Total 122 test sets performed

l 2012:Total 130 test sets performed

l 2013:Total 125 test sets performed

l 2014:Total 103 test sets performed

l 2015:Total 132 test sets performed

Each test set including 11 pieces or 18 pieces couplers,

and tested for 1000 hours to 5000 hours

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