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SMA905 Patch Cord



  Optical application experiment, research and measurement

  Mecical instrument

  Industrial silicon, liquid, spectrum detection

  Food safty detection

  UV application in skin and beauty

  Industrial control and automation

  Car plane and military use

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Germany fiber core, quality assured

Good coupling rate, high transmittance

Energy fiber with different specifications

Different connectors 


Fiber core(um) 100 105 190 200 300 385 400
Fiber core(um) 500 570 600 800 950 1000 1500
Fiber Material
Silica Fiber
Cladding Silica Fiber Fluorine plastic
Buffering Organic silicon resin
Minimum bending radius
NA 0.2-0.37
Transmittance UV(0.2-0.4um)  
Visiable light (0.4-0.7um)  
Helium Neon (0.6328um)  
Transmitted power >130  
Working Temperature -40   

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